Tuning Tips for New Model Army

by French Jack

Just thought I'd mention a couple of things that I have encountered with some of the Remington replicas--
  1. You can replace the mainspring with one of the Wolff reduced power Colt SAA springs. They still work perfectly with either caps or primers. You may need to put a small piece of brass shim stock in the slot where the spring fits in the grip, to ensure proper fit of the strain screw.
  2. On most of the ones I have seen, the angle of the hammer nose is not correct, causing the nipples to batter, and if using a conversion, the firing pins to batter. A few minutes with a Swiss file, or any small flat, fine tooth file will correct the problem. Take some material off the tip of the hammer protrusion to clear the nipple cutout or firing pin bolster. Then remove enough of the nose at the upper inside corner of the hammer nose to allow the hammer to meet the nipple or firing pin evenly on the face of either. Saves a lot of wear and tear, and a lot of missfires.
My two cents worth, French Jack