Remington Rolling Block Pistols

by John Wolf

I know it's not along the lines of our revolvers, but it is a curious shooter. The first Remington Rolling Block pistol, model 1866, was a .50 caliber rim fire pistol with a 8.5 inch barrel, spur trigger, blue finish with walnut grip and forearm. Most of these were sold to the US Navy and later returned to Remington to be altered into the Model 1870. The 1870 model was a .50 caliber center fire pistol with a 7 inch barrel, standard trigger with trigger guard. Remington produced at least 14 Rolling Block models between 1866 and 1909. Evidently someone liked them. I don't know why the Government supplied the Navy with single-shots when revolvers worked so well in the Civil War. Some Cowboy's also used the Rolling Block Pistol, Why? Maybe they were under the opinion of one well placed .50 cal. would settle any argument.