Remington Model Observations

by Hellgate Tye

Okay here it goes. It ain't about being a purest. It's about what is right. The first Remington revolver in .44 cal was the Remington-Beals Army Model. It was made between 1860-1862 only 2 or 3000 made. 15,000 Remington-Beals Navies were made at this time. These were the only two Remington revolvers to even carry the roll: BEALS PATENT SEPT. 14, 1858./MANUFACTURED BY REMINGTON ILION, NEW YORK. Then came the Remington 1861 Army Model 9,000 to 12,000 made 1862. Navy Model 7,000 to 8,000 made 1862. Remington New Model Army Approx. 132,000 1863 to 1875 New Model Navy 22,000 1863 to 1875. There is no such thing as an 1858 Remington New Model Army. When they started to reproduce them, importers in the early days used the patent date as the model number. In "Pale Rider" Clint Eastwood carried a converted New Model Army in .44 cal. The small revolver was a, Remington New Model Police Revolver 1863-1873; 18,000 produced. A five shot .36 cal, converted to .38 cal. So as you can see (I hope) there was no such thing as an 1858 Remington. And there still isn't!