The Kirst "Safety Cylinder" Commemorative.

by Zeke Thundercolt

This Kirst custom revolver was created to commemorate the first anniversary of the Kirst "Safety Cylinder" Cartridge Konversion® for the current reproductions of the 1858 Remington New Army revolver. Inspired by a similar looking Colt Commemorative in my collection, this design is what I like to call; "Identical twins from different parents."

It originally started life as a stock ’58 Remington, cap & ball revolver, manufactured by Pietta. The barrel was cut to 5" and deeply recessed crowned, the sight was dovetailed in and ground down to just a peg. Then a notch was sawed in the middle and a Mexican 10 Centavo coin was soldered in. The loading lever was removed and a spring loaded, "Speed Latch" was installed to retain the cylinder pin for rapid reloading. The frame was sent to "Bar S Grips" to have Tru Ivory style grips hand-fit to the revolver. During this down time, the internal parts were filed and stoned for a smooth action, the mainspring lightened (soon to be a Kirst coil spring Konversion), and the bolt/trigger spring was replaced with a piano-wire spring. Then the plating was done to match the Colt "twin". Matching parts that were plated include the: cylinder pin, frame screws, cylinder, trigger guard and the hammer. When all the parts were ready, it was reassembled with the new CNC machined, nickel plated "Safety Cylinder" in .45 LC/. 45 Schofield. This is truly a Kirst original and definitely one of the finest custom ’58 Remington Kirst Cartridge Konversions® out there. It was a pleasure to design it and work with Walt Kirst to bring it to fruition.

Zeke Thundercolt SASS 3176-L Regulator