Kirst Konverters – The other option in cartridge conversions

by Robert Chenault

Just thought that I'd mention the other option on conversion cylinders: The Kirst Converter. These are sold by River Junction Trade Co., (link on SASS list), and are comparable in price with the R&D. They are different in one main feature, the back plate does not rotate, and has one firing pin. It is removed and replaced the same as an extra cylinder. It has a feature that I feel is better than the R&D -- the case rims are visible between the cylinder and back plate. Definitely easier to check for a live one under the hammer! It is available in 45 Auto, as well as 38 Spl. for the 36 cal. Navies or New Police. If used in the Navies, you have 3 options: Sleeve the barrel and use standard .358 bullets. Use hollow base wadcutters ; which is workable but not the best choice. Use hollow base soft lead cast bullets that will slug-up in the bore. Rapine makes two moulds for this purpose. This option is best if you wish to retain the original percussion cylinder and use it in C&B mode. Whatever you choose, there are all sorts of ways to have fun with conversions.