Cap & Ball Safety Tips

by Bottom Dealin’ Mike

Cap and ball revolvers are very safe to shoot if you use common sense and follow a few simple guidelines:
  1. Only use black powder or an approved substitute like Pyrodex, Clean Shot or Clearshot.
  2. The National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association reports that most multiple discharges ignite from the rear so make sure your caps fit snugly on the nipples.
  3. To prevent multiple discharges from the front, be sure to use proper sized balls. And, for added insurance, fill the chamber above the ball with black powder lube. It lubricates the ball and if forms an additional barrier to chain-fires.
  4. Never leave an airspace between the projectile and the powder charge. Seat the ball or bullet directly on the powder charge or on a neutral filler like cornmeal. Air spaces in a black powder load column can result in detonation.